Weah Heah in Bah Hahbah.

It’s my first post!

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where to start, and I suppose I need to go back a few years. Like, 20. (Am I really old enough to say that..?!)

The first trip I remember taking was to Maine. I must’ve been 6 0r 7 so my memories are limited, except it was a very long car ride from my hometown of Jackson, Michigan. My parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and I climbed into our mini van together, complete with a car roof rack to hold luggage strapped to the top. I was annoying and constantly asking, “are we there yet?” to which my uncle ALWAYS responded, “next exit!” It was our fun little game.

Other than the car ride, I remember taking a sail boat ride. This was more difficult than it would be for most families, though, because my dad was in a wheelchair. But the crew made it happen and several men lifted the chair up over the ledge to get him onto the boat. If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s the kindness of strangers. Never underestimate the impact a good deed can have on someone, especially the little girl that just wants to see some whales with her whole family there.

Even as a kid I remember being obsessed with how people said words, so I kept repeating the phrase I read on a shirt we saw in a store window: “We’re Here in Bar Harbor!” Except I would try and say it like I was FROM the East Coast. “Weah Heah in Bah Hahbah!” Man, I was so cool.

Then there’s the little lobster finger puppet my brother named “Lobsterdity.” True story, see photo. Hey, we were in Maine!

(I’d love to insert more pics, but this was the 90s and we only have real pictures that are safe in a photo album my mom hides in her closet. Where they shall remain…)

And how could I forget the stuffed whale we bought and I so cleverly named Shamu. Imagine the laughter than ensued when my aunt knocked on our hotel door looking for shampoo and my brother handed her the whale!

So why am I telling you all this? I believe this is the trip that gave me my wanderlust and a love of road trips. This is where it all began.


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