Beads, booze, and beignets.


I remember the first time I heard that word. It was on a commercial that I saw many, MANY years ago. I kept repeating the word because I thought it was cool to say it like the locals say it (sorry, New Orleanians. I was a kid!)

What I knew of New Orleans was limited, of course. My father was a lover of jazz music, which is where I get it from, and I had always dreamed of making it to The Big Easy one day for that reason.

A year ago a few friends and I piled into our car and drove the 8 hours down to New Orleans for the weekend. Wish we had some more time, but still had so much fun in the three days that we were there!

We arrived late afternoon and it was drizzling. Also, it seems like whenever I go somewhere that’s supposed to be warm it’s unseasonably cold out. But, you just gotta keep pushing on.



Our hotel was in the French Quarter, so naturally we started wandering around. Of course, we ended up on Bourbon Street. We didn’t actually know that’s where we were until after two girls stopped us and poured shots down our throats. It was definitely quite a welcome! I’m not gonna lie, that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night. I have a hard time remembering where all we went (don’t judge!) but I do know I ended the night at the Old Absinthe House and had my first Sazerac. What a great end to a great day.


The next day was much sunnier, although still chilly. We didn’t exactly have set plans, so we brunched and explored some more. Jackson Square seemed magical that day, maybe because the sky just seemed so blue. And there’s no way you can be that close to the Cafe du Monde and not stop!

See?? Magical!


I randomly crave these beignets now..

I also loved looking at the art in the square as well. There’s just something about seeing so many artists sharing their work in one spot. And no two pieces looked the same! Also, how could I forget all of the fortune tellers?? I didn’t stop but it was definitely unique to witness.


On our last day we headed to the neighborhood of Marigny and got some small travel tattoos before heading home.

Love these houses!

Our time was short, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. New Orleans was one of the first places I put on my bucket list and I’m so happy I made it!

Until next time, NOLA!










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