Mountains, beer, and fireflies: part deux.

I don’t remember driving all night to Asheville, North Carolina.

I mean, I do. But that was a looooong night. Not only did I show up to work late, but I didn’t get out until midnight. And to pick up our road trip where we left off, Hayley and I needed to drive all night.

Luckily, our Airbnb host was great and very understanding about us getting in at 5 am.

Another reason Hayley and I are great travel companions is that we are pretty much always on the same page. So that means we got about 5 hours of sleep before getting up and starting our day. I don’t care how tired I am. If I’m in a new place, I’m going to experience it as much as I can.

After a quick stop at the cute BattleCat Coffee Bar (duh), we headed out to find something called Sliding Rock.

Had to drive a bit on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Oh darn!

I have a confession here. It is not uncommon for me to get lost. Even with a GPS, which is unfortunate since I prefer to be the one driving, too. It’s not an ordeal, it’s an adventure!

So that happened.

Eventually I gave in and we pulled over into an old farm that had an elderly gentleman sitting in a chair on his front porch (you can’t make this stuff up!) He pointed us in the right direction and we were on our way once again.

We found it this time, and there was only a short line. Everyone kept talking about how cold the water was, though, so we only went down once. It was definitely fun!


After our Sliding Rock adventure we figured it was time to head back in to the city. We now only had the one night to spend in Asheville and since we were in one of the Great Beer Cities of America, we decided the best way to spend that night was on our own little brewery tour.

First we had to stop at White Duck Taco, though!

Then it was off to Wicked Weed for beer flights.


Oh, did I mentioned that it rained? No worries. It’s all a part of the journey!

Our second stop was at Bhramari Brewhouse and then we headed over to Burial Brewing, where we grabbed our beers and ran to the old truck in their garden to enjoy our brews.


We’re kind of old pros and since we weren’t driving, we just kept going!

We ended the night at Hi Wire, where we enjoyed something called Pink Drink. Somehow we convinced them to give us a growler of it which was the perfect for the music festival!

And then it was time to head back to the Airbnb so we could get back on the road early the next morning and make it to the festival on time.

Which did not happen.

To be continued…again!




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