Mountains, beer, and fireflies: part three.

Well, it was raining.

Hayley and I had just driven 10 hours, including through D.C traffic, (I’m still mad about it…) and had just arrived at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE.

After stopping for supplies and, you guessed it, beer, we headed toward the entrance. It was still a little up in the air about us being able to get in when the other part of our group had set up camp (many) hours before we got there, but we had some good luck. The guy at the gate told us to go ahead anyway, even though we didn’t have the right paperwork. We parked where they told us and attempted to set up the tent that I had just bought without any idea how it worked.

Again, we got lucky with the group next to us helping us get the tent up before finding out where our friends were.

It was not exactly close by, but we made it to the campsite and cracked open a well deserved beer. Then, the decision was made to make the trek back to our tent and carry everything back to join the others. Yes, we walked through the campground carrying a fully set up tent and employed some strong men to help carry our cooler. (Don’t worry, we paid them in beer.)

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and trying to stay warm.

I think they call it “festy besties.’

It eventually turned into a beautiful weekend, and we had so much fun. There’s not much else to do other than drink, listen to music, and wander around, so that’s pretty much what we did!

We started a thing. Other people started stacking Enos after we did this.
Allll the Dogfish Head

There were a lot of great bands that year, but I will say Florence and the Machine was INCREDIBLE! By far my favorite. I loved watching the fiery redhead skip around the stage without shoes on. What a great performance.

How I want to remember this trip.

Since we were strapped for time (and kinda over the porta potties,) Hayley and I decided to head out a day early and spend the night (in a hotel with a shower) at Rehoboth Beach.

After a quick dip (and my first!) in the Atlantic Ocean, we showered and headed over to Dogfish Head for some brews. This was huge for me. Not only do I like beer, but I like GOOD beer. This was the top of my list for breweries to visit and I was not disappointed.

Tired from the weekend, we didn’t put in an effort to go out and instead hung out at the Key West themed bar below our hotel before heading to bed for the night.

I still haven’t had rum since..

After a lovely breakfast and a quick stroll along the boardwalk we got back in the car.


That night we splurged on a nice hotel in Roanoke, VA and ordered room service with a bottle of wine. It was exactly how I wanted to spend our last night on the road.

We arrived in Nashville just in time to drop Hayley off at the airport. It had been a very full week and a half. So much was fit into our time on the road: mountains, oceans, cities, music – everything you could ever want.

And I can’t wait for our next road trip.


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