The lake is calling and I must go.

I hate being cold.

There are plenty of people that would say they’d rather be cold than too hot, but I don’t understand them.

I know this is crazy coming from a Michigan girl, so when I went home last Christmas, I decided to do something I had never done when I lived in that beautiful state: hike to Lake Michigan in the snow.

I hijacked one of my mom’s cars while she was at work and drove the hour and a half to Saugatuck Dunes State Park. Actually, I’m still not sure if I was trespassing or not because it was winter, but either way, it was worth it.

After finding the trail I wanted to follow, I made my way toward the water.


I didn’t have my good hiking shoes yet, much less boots, and I wore fuzzy fashion boots. So what does that mean? I ended up sitting on my heels and sliding down the hills, pretty much on my butt. I figured it was better than rolling!

I LOVE the first glimpse coming over the last hill.
I’ve been to the lake plenty in summer, but it’s so different to see the sand mixed with snow and ice.
I always forget how big this lake is. ❤

After wandering along the shore for a bit, I found a loop back to where my car was.

It was a quick hike, which was perfect for me. There is nothing like the peace and solitude of being on a trail in winter. I’ll definitely be doing THAT again.

I can’t believe it took me 26 years and a move to another state to appreciate the beauty of Michigan. Looking forward to exploring more and more each time I go home!


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