Ghosts, murals, and Edward’s Point.

Lex and I were about an hour into our drive to Chattanooga. We had stopped at a gas station, mostly to use the restroom but figured we might as well get gas while we were there.

It was at this point that we realize we didn’t have any money.

To be fair, the next day was payday so it’s not like we went on the trip completely broke, but Alexa had left her wallet back at home in Nashville and I was holding out for the next day. Plus. We needed her ID.

I don’t know if it was luck or not, but we ended up with just enough gas to get us back, grab the wallet, and head back on our way.

Chattanooga is about two hours from Nashville. Not bad. We got in right before dark I believe, ordered two martinis with dinner and found a nice hotel to stay in for the night.

It’s actually very typical of us to not book anything before going on an adventure, but we decided we wanted to end up at the historic Read House.

After debating about going out for more drinks, we decided to just explore the beautiful hotel.

Probably always up to no good.


Old phone booths make great photo ops!

A gentleman that worked for the hotel noticed us wandering around so he offered to take us on a tour. Of course we said yes!

He led us to the spectacular ballroom first.


All silver everything.

Now, I have a slight fascination with ghost stories. I have gone “ghost hunting” on several occasions with some strange results. So when we heard about haunted room 311, I knew I must go.

Luckily, our tour guide led the way. He unlocked the door to the room and we strolled inside.

It was very much a normal hotel room, and we weren’t there long enough for anything to happen. But it was still cool that we found someone to let us in to the room.

Waiting for the ghost.

Despite the fact that we had just gone in a haunted room, we decided it would be best to just go to sleep so we could be rested for our hike the next day.

After a delicious breakfast, we started to head back to the car. But, because we are easily distracted, when we saw the pink wall we knew we had to get pictures.

I’m very helpful
That’s better!

Aaaaand then we were on our way!

We had both been to Chattanooga before, but this time we headed to Signal Mountain for our hike.

It was a place that had kept coming up in our research of where to go so we knew Edward’s Point was the goal.

Naturally I made a dumb joke about there not being a Jacob’s Point…


A swinging bridge. We meet again…

We didn’t see anyone on the trail, but when we arrived there was a couple with a baby taking pictures at the point. Mad respect for people hiking with babies, by the way.

But! We took our pictures and, naturally, cracked open a beer.


After this we made our way back to the car, stopped at a local brewery (as per usual) and headed back to Nashville.

Chattanooga…you were swell.



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